Semi-Auto Miter Cutting Band Saws



Semi-Auto Miter Cutting Band Saw


Standard Equipments:

(1) Hydraulic blade tension.

(2) Full stroke hydraulic vise.

(3) Variable blade speed.

(4) Laser liner.

(5) HSS Saw blade 1 pc.

(6) Tools with tool box.

Option Equipments:

(1) 2 meters roller table.

(2) 2 meters power roller table.
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(1)Swivel head allows mitre cutting at any angle from 60°left to 45° right. Swiveling the head at any angle with digital readout to 0.1° accuracy and hydraulic swivel lock.
(2)Extra heavy duty twin column design.
(3)The saw blade is angled at 5° to allow fast cutting of structural sections and to maximize blade life.
(4)Full stroke hydraulic vice clamping which saves the operator time and energy and increases blade life.
(5)Split vise clamping system allows users to feed material from either side of machine.
(6)Automatic guide arm adjustment.
(7)Laser line being projected a line on material.
(8)Hydraulic blade tension.
(9)Fitted with 41mm wide blade for cutting larger sections.
Cutting Capacity:
(1)90°: Ø440, 420 x 700mm
(2)45°: Ø420, 380 x 450mm
(3)30°(Left): Ø300, 300 x 270mm
(4)Blade Size: 5,660 x 41 x 1.3mm
(5)Blade Speed: 30-130 M/min
(6)Main Motor: 3.75 KW
(7)Dimensions: 2.8 x 1.5 x 2.1M