Semi-Auto Miter Cutting Band Saws



Heavy Duty Semi-Auto Double Miter Cutting Bandsaw


Standard Equipments:
(1)Variable blade speed drive
(2)Hydraulic blade tension
(3)Laser Liner
(4)Vise pressure regulator
Optional Equipments
(1)Mist Lubrication
(2)Top clamp
(3)Full high vise jaws
(4)Roller Table
(5)Powered Roller Table
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(1)For cutting any angle from 45° forward to 60° backward.
(2)NC/Manual mitre positioning with digital readout
(3)The rotary center is at the intersection point of the saw blade and the fixed vise jaw.
(4)Inclination of the saw blade (5°) to reduce the initial blade impact when cutting beams.
(5)Columns with linear guideway.
Model CF-100DMS
Cutting Capacity (mm) 90° 650
90° 650 x1000 (HxW)
45° Left 400x650 650x570
30°Left 400x420 650x320
45°Right 650x650
Motors Saw blade 7.5 kw
  Hydraulic 2.2 kw
  Coolant 0.2 kw
Blade Size (mm) 7750x54x1.6
Blade Speed (M/min) 20-100
Vise Clamping Width 200-1020 mm
Working Height (mm) 925
Dimensions (mm) Length 1830
Width 3680
Height 2800
Net Weight (approx.) Kg 5600