Automatic Column Type Band Saws



Automatic Column Type Band Saw


When considering the purchase of a fully automatic bandsaw the design and quality of the material feed system is the most important factor, as ultimately the design of the feed system will determine the reliability and accuracy of the cut pieces.
The BigStone automatic bandsaws are all fitted with the a independent feed vice system, it is totally independent from the machine bed that supports the weight of the material when the feed vice is on the return stroke both vice jaws retract so as there is no contact on the sides of the material. Any contact on the side of the material will make the cut length accuracy inconsistent.
The independent feed vice system in conjunction with the roller feed bed that is fitted as a standard feature on all the BigStone automatic bandsaws, also makes a significant reduction in the force required to feed the material.
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(1)With PLC control unit for all machine function.
(2)Split front vise holds workpieces on both sides of blade.
(3)Hydraulic blade tension holds proper tension for cuts and releases it upon (4)shut-off which keeps blade long life.
(5)Machine stops when the sawblade is slip or broken.
(6)Sawframe is tited by apporx. 2° for easy penetration of sawblade and less burr at end of cut when cutting squares. (Optional)
(7)Infinitely variable band speed.
(8)Full stroke vise cylinder.
(9)Digital readout index.

Standard Equipments:
(1)Variable speed drive.
(2)9-times feeding counter.
(3)Hydraulic blade tension.
(4)Auto-chip conveyor.
(5)Bandsaw blade and tools with box.

Optional Equipments:
(1)Vise pressure regulator.
(2)2 meters roller table.
(3)NC control system.
(4)CE mark.
Model CF-420AW
Cutting Capacity 600 x 600
Blade Size 6,900 x 54 x 1.6
Blade Speed 20 - 90
Motors-Blade 7.5KW
Motors-Hydraulic 2.2KW
Motors-Coolant 0.2KW
Motors-Chip Conveyor 0.1KW
Feed Stroke-Single 500
Feed Stroke-Multiple 4500
Table Height 600
Dimension (WxDxH) 3,600 x 2,300 x 2,400
Weight 4,800