CNC Double Miter Cutting Band Saw

1. Fully automatic twin column CNC feeding and mitering bandsaws for cutting beams, pipes and solids.
2. For cutting variable angle from 30° left to 45° (30° )right.
3. Twin columns with linear guideways for cutting more stable and accurately.
4. Inclination of the saw blade to reduce the initial blade impact when cutting beams and square tubes.
5. The CNC control allows setting and memorising 250 cutting programs, with different cutting lengths; quantities and angles.
6. The material feeder with linear guideway; precision rack and pinion, powered by servo motor with 2300mm feed stroke.
7. Automatic positioning of guide arm.
8. Mist coolant system to minimise any mess created when cutting. (Option)
Cutting Capacity (mm):
90° - Φ450, 440x700
45° R/L - 440x450
30° Left - 440x270
30° Right - 440x290

Saw blade - 3.75KW
Hydraulic - 0.75KW
Coolant - 0.1KW

Blade Size (mm): 5660x41x1.3

Blade Speed (M/min): 25-90

Single Feed Stroke (mm): 2300

Working Height (mm): 730

Dimensions (mm):
Length - 4700
Width - 3000
Height - 2300

Net Weight (approx.) Kg: 5100